Terry Parks, Barnesville native and long time Griffin resident, has been hooked on photography since childhood. You very rarely see him without his camera and if you do, it's always somewhere nearby. Terry loves photography and trying out new things with his camera, and he will do just about anything to get the shot he wants.

Photography is an art and Terry is the artist. While many of us can grab a camera and snap a picture, Terry is able to see with a photographer's eye and capture the correct lighting, angle, and mood for his pictures. That's the difference when you choose Pictures by Parks.

Terry Parks is Pictures by Parks. His wife, Laura Parks, assists him with the business end of things but he is the photographer. When you hire Pictures by Parks, you know who you are getting as your photographer. Terry enjoys many genres of photography and will be glad to assist you with your specific photography needs. Whether you need portraits, special event photography, or something entirely different, Pictures by Parks is your photographer of choice.